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TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
Backtrace message unwound by exceptions
invalid identifier
PL/SQL compilation error
internal error
missing expression
table or view does not exist
end-of-file on communication channel
TNS:listener unknown in connect descriptor
insufficient privileges
PL/SQL: numeric or value error string
TNS:protocol adapter error
ORACLE not available
target host or object does not exist
invalid number
unable to allocate string bytes of shared memory
resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
error occurred at recursive SQL level string
ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed
snapshot too old
unable to extend temp segment by string in tablespace
Credential retrieval failed
missing or invalid option
invalid username/password; logon denied
unable to create INITIAL extent for segment
out of process memory when trying to allocate string bytes
shared memory realm does not exist
cannot insert NULL
TNS:unable to connect to destination
remote database not found ora-02019
exception encountered: core dump
inconsistent datatypes
no data found
TNS:operation timed out
PL/SQL: could not find program
existing state of packages has been discarded
maximum number of processes exceeded
error signaled in parallel query server
ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
TNS:packet writer failure
see ORA-12699
missing right parenthesis
name is already used by an existing object
cannot identify/lock data file
invalid file operation
quoted string not properly terminated

Re: SOS!!!....Process running out of memory.

Terry Sutton


You're out of process memory, so you need to reduce memory areas so you
either (1)need less or (2)have more available. One way to do #1 is reduce
sort_area_size. One way to do #2 is reduce the SGA.

Not sure what "tuned the db correctly" means, but why on earth do you have a
52MB log buffer (#2)?

Do you really need a 10MB sort_area_size (#1)? If you don't have many
concurrent sessions sorting it won't matter, but if you have a lot of
sessions sorting it could be a problem.

Is there a reason that your shared_pool is 1GB (#2)?

Do your large pool and java pool need to be as big as they are (#2)?


----- Original Message ----- Hello,
I have oracle 8.1.6 on WinNT Patch 4 with 4 CPU's and 4 Gig ram. I feel
I have tuned the db correctly. I am getting the error
ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 4000012 bytes
heap,context version)
and for the reference, this is my parameter file.
db_name = "cs3"
instance_name = cs3
service_names = cs3
db_block_size = 8192
control_files = ("d:\cs3\controlfiles\cs3ctl01.ctl",
db_files = 1024
max_enabled_roles = 30
db_file_multiblock_read_count = 128
large_pool_size = 26914560
java_pool_size = 20971520
remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive
os_authent_prefix = ""
processes = 1000
sessions = 1000
parallel_max_servers = 800
log_checkpoint_timeout = 0
audit_trail = true # if you want auditing
max_dump_file_size = 10240 # limit trace file size to 5M each
# Uncommenting the line below will cause automatic archiving if
archiving has
# been enabled using ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG.
# log_archive_start = true
# log_archive_dest_1 = "location=D:\Oracle\oradata\cs3\archive"
# log_archive_format = %%ORACLE_SID%%T%TS%S.ARC
# Global Naming -- enforce that a dblink has same name as the db it
connects to
global_names = false # Changed to false on 21-07-04 because of New Dips
Server database link connectivity
oracle_trace_enable = true
oracle_trace_collection_name = ""
background_dump_dest = d:\cs3\bdumps\bdump
user_dump_dest = d:\cs3\bdumps\udump
job_queue_processes = 4
job_queue_interval = 60
open_links = 4
distributed_transactions = 10
# Commented as per Oracle Advice on 25-07-04
#mts_dispatchers =
# Uncomment the following line when your listener is configured for SSL
# (listener.ora and sqlnet.ora)
# mts_dispatchers =
# Commented as per Oracle Advice on 25-07-04
#mts_dispatchers = "(protocol=TCP)"
sort_area_size = 10857600
sort_area_retained_size = 5428800
optimizer_mode = CHOOSE
shared_pool_size = 1048556000
shared_pool_reserved_size = 104855600
rollback_segments = ( RBIG, R01, R02, R03, R04, R05, R06, R07, R08, R09,
R10, R11, R12, R13, R14 )
timed_statistics = true
log_buffer = 52428800
log_checkpoint_interval = 10100
open_cursors = 1000000
db_block_buffers = 29972
Dml_Locks = 4000
session_cached_cursors = 10000
fast_start_io_target = 25600
# Earlier this was 8.1.5
compatible = 8.1.6
optimizer_index_caching = 20
optimizer_index_cost_adj = 90
Can some one help me. Its urgent.
/- Vin